Power Pressure Washers –

Power Pressure Washers

Power pressure washers are water jet cleaners that could become 50 times more powerful than your garden hose for cleaning various types of indoor and outdoor surfaces like sidings, driveways, patios, decks, deck furniture, grills, and even cars. They are the perfect helper to the busy homemaker for cleaning the house and its surroundings.

Power Pressure washers have become increasingly popular among homeowners due to their unparalleled cleaning efficiency. However a word of caution when using the water jet cleaner as they can be hazardous when mishandled. Keep children safely away whenever you are cleaning as the powerful jets of water could accidentally sear the skin. Follow safety instructions carefully on the manual provided by manufacturers. Many such machines are fitted with safety features to reduce pressure buildup.

Most general home outdoor cleaning like washing patios, siding, driveways, decks, deck furniture with a mid range water jet cleaner with PSI of 2,500 or less would suffice. Higher powered gas driven machines would of course give you both the convenience and better cleaning efficiency, with the added benefit of being able to use it throughout the daily for long washes. Understanding PSI would help you to do better cleaning, PSI literally means cleaning efficiency with the higher pounds per square inch the stronger the pressure force. Hence the greater the psi, the better the cleaning efficiency. GPM means gallons per minute of water consumption and the balanced combination of PSI and GPM would give your surfaces a good wash.

Some machines come with a number of changeable nozzles to vary the pressure power. However, here is a good tip if you are using a water jet cleaner which does not have interchanging nozzles. For lighter cleaning, stand further away from the surface to be cleaned, or tilt your spray head at a larger angle into a fan like shape so as not to damage more delicate surfaces. Other higher end models and brands provide telescope wands and gutter cleaners to help you clean downspouts and gutters too.

The varieties of power pressure washers are indeed countless, and you really need to know what and where you will be using them most often to decide which water jet cleaner you eventually choose. But whichever you choose, your home is set for a brand new, fresh look, for sure.

Pressure Washer Buying Tips & Finance

Pressure Washer Buying Tips

Pressure washers now make the job of cleaning buildings and vehicles an easy and almost effortless exercise. The end result is sparkling clean surfaces because the jet of water works in all the nooks, corners and crevices to drive away the stubborn particles of dust, soot and grime whether it is on vehicles or buildings. They run on electric power but if that is a problem there are also the pressure washers which run on petrol and can be operated easily. Petrol pressure washers are generally preferred in industrial, agricultural and boat yards where there is no supply of electrical power.

The important features to check before purchasing the pressure washer is the motor capacity, bar pressure, water flow rate, the pressure hose and other cleaning accessories like wash brush, dual detergent tank, dirt blaster and variable pressure lance option. A trigger operated lance with jet and spray control can be used to direct the jet of water. The wheels facilitate easy movement and it is thus both mobile and handy. Some weigh about 30kg but the sturdy wheels make it very easy to transport.

To clean large areas where there is man power shortage pressure washers with a four stroke unit with manifold pressure of 1500 psi and with a nozzle working with the same pressure is ideal. It needs about 3.7 high engine horse power. These petrol powered units are so efficient that with about 420 litres of water flow per minute, large areas can be cleaned very quickly. Most units offer a hose length of 5 to 6 metres which is very convenient for working. Time, energy and manpower can be saved to a large extent.

For home use the heavy duty washers are not necessary. A 110 bar water pressure working on 1800 watts power, with a flow rate of 7.5 litres per minute and a spray bottle to store 0.5 litres of detergent is quite suitable. This small and portable washer can handle the toughest of stains. Some devices are provided with an automatic stop and start button. The lance and hose can be packed away into the pressure washer after the cleaning operation. The unit should not be heavy and unwieldy to transport and therefore an aluminum body is both light and strong. It is important to choose a model that does not use excessive power or water but works efficiently all the same.


Pressure Washer Financing

Pressure washers are useful in number of ways. Painters use them to provide top quality washing services along with their normal painting services. Car dealers use them for a quick wash. There are various types of these like the Industrial, gas powered and portable pressure washer. This equipment is priced at high rates, so many companies look for financing alternatives.

Industrial washers may be steam-, cold- or hot-pressured. There are some specialised units that combine the three modes. These help in cleaning, disinfecting, sanitising and dissolving more industrial substances. They do the work fast and effortlessly. They use high pressure to dissolve the harmful substances without the need for any chemical cleaners. They clean even stubborn substances like grease, mould, and mildew etc easily. They can be used in any surfaces like concrete, brick, stainless steel, aluminium and so on. Due to their excellent features, they carry a high price tag. Hence financing is often essential to acquire them.

A gas powered unit allows professional cleaning without spending more money. It has more operating pressure to clean the surface. It is ideal for several work sites. Some of them even have child safety lock to assure enhanced protection. It has separate detergent injector and integrated hose to ease the cleaning work. It is heavy duty and provides long lasting performance. However the initial cost is high and often requires financing to acquire it as well.

The portable units are very convenient to use. They are compact and they can be taken to any place in your car. They help in cleaning bikes, cars, horses, pets, wetsuits etc. They can be taken easily to tight locations. They can be used for both home and commercial purposes. They can be used along with detergents. They are durable also. They offer number of benefits to business people. Hence they are little bit expensive. Therefore many companies find it wise to go for financing to acquire them.

They play a vital role in industries and other commercial places. They offer professional cleaning service at low cost. In turn if the company depends on professional cleaning service each and every time, it needs to spend more. Though the initial cost of the equipment is more, it offers valuable service. The company can also seek the help of some reliable financing companies that have great experience in dealing with general equipment financing. This can help the company to acquire financing in better terms.

The company need not require involving in any frustrating procedure to get financial help to acquire pressure washer. A simple application form is enough to grant fast approval. Some financing companies accept online application also. Hence it is possible for almost all companies to acquire any type of pressure washer suitable to them.

The company can then repay the amount to the financing company in low monthly repayments. Hence many companies prefer financing pressure washer nowadays.

Pressure Washers – Choose From a Range of Options

Pressure Washers – Choose From a Range of Options

Many commercial and industrial users are aware of how pressure washers have made even the most difficult cleaning tasks fast and easy. Pressure washing machines have advanced from standard units to highly specialized equipment for a variety of applications. Users now have the option to buy highly durable, powerful, and versatile machines from reputable manufacturers that directly meet their cleaning requirements.

The power of a pressure washing machine is determined by its flow rates and pressure levels. Hence, if you do not require extremely high power, it would be a good idea to choose commercial pressure washer that feature lower flow rates and pressure levels. At the other end, there are industrial pressure washers that offer advanced capabilities for the most demanding users. These pressure cleaning machines can attain flow rates of up to 7 GPM and pressure levels of up to 7000 PSI.

Versatility is another key benefit of many pressure washers. This versatility can be measured by mobility and temperature options. If users face pressure washing applications in multiple locations, mobile pressure washing equipment in wheeled or trailer mountable configurations is essential.

There are various temperature options available with today’s pressure cleaning machines, as well. Each of these offers distinct benefits. The cold water pressure washing machines are quite popular in residential settings for light cleaning applications that do not require the extreme power generated by heated versions.

However, if you are looking out for a powerful pressure cleaning machine to blast away tough grease and stubborn stains from almost all surfaces, it is best to go for steam pressure washers. The power of these pressure cleaners is attributed to its high steam temperatures that can reach up to 330°F. This use of steam is a great way to dissolve hard-to-remove stains that can then be easily wiped away. Another advantage of steam is that it allows you to clean, sanitise and disinfect simultaneously. With triple-function units, users can experience the advantages of steam, cold water or hot water pressure washers in the same machine.

Other notable features of top-grade pressure cleaners include different power methods, as discussed above. Machines can be powered by electricity, gasoline, or propane. All these varieties have their own advantages and limitations. For instance, the pressure washers powered by propane or gas provide greater mobility since they do not have to remain attached to an electrical supply like the electric versions. Electric models may not offer this mobility, but they produce no exhaust and much less noise than propane or gas units.

When purchasing pressure washers, it is important to be an informed buyer. Now that you understand the various options and features available, you can make the best choice to meet your needs.

Secrets to Pressure Washer Use for Auto Detailing or Mobile Car Washing

Many auto detailers will recommend to not use pressure washers in auto detailing or mobile car washing. Recently this issue came up in an online question and answer session with “The Car Wash Guy” when he was asked by a Hawaiian inquirer the following question;

“Some of the people in the Auto Detailing or Mobile Car Washing business say it is unsafe to use a pressure washer and recommend washing by hand because they think pressure washing is too powerful and will eventually strip the paint. Is that true?”

No, that is basically bull. Now if this concerns you there is a guy at the government centre on the other side of the island that uses dry wash n’ guard so this is another option for you.

Pressure Washer Use on Automobiles; Play It Safe With High Pressure

Tips On Using A Pressure Washer

Additionally “The Car Wash Guy” was asked; “Do you have a type of nozzle that would prevent this?”

We do but you do not have too, just use the 1-foot rule at 1500 to 2000 psi, if you see chips back off to 18 inches and use the soap and sponge to remove the bugs, do not blast them, as being in salt air is tough on cars and you can chip them if they are already chipping.

If there is a chip do I need insurance or will I need insurance; “What kind of insurance do you use?”

For paint chips insurance does not make sense but we recommend a General liability, garage keeper’s policy. If you are a regular person with few assets mostly likely you probably need a 100K policy, not more than 300K aggregate with 150K per occurrence. And unless you are doing fleets or working in large corporate centres and they require it.